We are re-inventing the filming light industry and defining the new boundaries for LED systems.

We always strive to provide the best quality, using top class materials and technology.


New Products

LedsFilm currently has the smallest-size and brightest film light in the world. We focus on high-power solutions that will help you save about 70% in energy expenses, while improving your quality light output.

Our Projects

Our products have been recognized by directors of photography and cinematographers worldwide, receiving excellent reviews and acclaim for their revolutionary features. Currently, our presence extends to noteworthy markets, which include Hollywood and Indian cinema studios.

Our innovations

We develop our own technology and invest heavily in our R&D team, constantly improving, designing, re-inventing and expanding on new concepts and LED filming light models. R&D is the pillar of our efforts and innovation is our driving force.

Our Products

Rado 95

Rado Compact

FocusĀ 95

Sirius 95