About Company

Who is LedsFilm? 

LedsFilm is an innovative manufacturer and distributor of LED lights and solutions for filming, stage and studio environments, famous for having an identity of its own. We develop our own technology and invest heavily in our R&D team, constantly improving, designing and expanding on new concepts and models. Research and development is the pillar of our efforts and innovation is our driving force. We are re-inventing the filming light industry and defining the new boundaries for LED systems.

All our products have reputable certifications. Therefore, we meet rigorous standards for electrical safety and electromagnetic emissions. We always strive to provide the best quality, using top class materials and technology.

Our Products

LedsFilm has a range of high-power products available, from hard lights to soft boxes, with distinct sizes and power levels. They are destined to illuminate all kinds of Studio atmospheres, Filming contexts or Stage performances, with high-power solutions, while helping saving about 70% in energy expenses. We have different products for each and every situation.

Thanks to our continuous investment in research, we have uncovered a range of unique possibilities, accomplishing several industry breakthroughs, such as:

1 – 1st company in the world to produce the 1000W filming LED lamp in such a compact size
2 – Inclusion of an RGB system, which is especially advantageous in varied colored lighting applications.
3 – Raining proof design, with flicker-free shutter speeds.

The Future?

The future?

The future of film lighting has an unfaltering meeting with LED technology. It’s with this belief in mind that LedsFilm will keep pushing the LED technology even further. We aim at introducing new products to new segments, as well as continuing to be highly flexible and maintaining a fast response.

This is our motto:  LedsFilm… Leds, Camera, Action!

Deeper Insights into LedsFilm Products

LedsFilm is a revolutionary manufacturer of LED lighting for film, television broadcast (tv), video and digital imaging production. We also have high-end solutions for stage environments and studio, with some of our video production lights.

Among our high power studio lighting equipment for video and film production, there are several highlights such as the 1000 watt and 2000w film light (both as diffused versions and as hard light).

Our high power led lights for photography have CRI 95+, with green spike-free spectrum (our R9 is very suitable for cameras) and 150 lumen/Watt. These product photography lighting also include dimming function (from 0 to 100%), DMX In and Out, and continuously changeable color temperatures from 2,700K and 7,500K.

LedsFilm’s led lights for video production can be used for extreme high speed photography, as they have been tested at 5000 frame\second. Fixtures have a battery adaptor that allows them to connect to 24v and 48v.

Our fixtures reproduce an amazing lighting contrast, generating a better balance for image representation. The contrast sensitivity and luminance level are optimized for camera (such as our 500 watt, 2000 watt and 1000w film light).

By employing LedsFilm’s product photography lighting equipment and video production lighting kit, your company will be able to recreate much brighter cinema sets, while lowering the electrical costs by 70%, without the need of resorting to rented generators.

LedsFilm, Maximizing Brigthness!

Our Great Team

Our marketing and sales team include members from different parts of the world, each with his\her own unique skills, as well as with distinct backgrounds. In LedsFilm, we believe this is key to be a truly globalized organization and the right way to expand the company’s identity to new markets.

The team is responsible to ensure that the innovations made by our R&D department efficiently reach the interested customers. In order to make this happen, our mission hinges on making available to all clients the necessary information about our products, helping them screening those that might better fit their needs, through continuous counseling and advice, while simultaneously guaranteeing the best order follow-up and reliable after-sales service.

In addition, we are in charge of all the earlier stages of marketing plan, such as conducting initial research, identifying potential customers and communication medias, narrowing targets or allocating budgets. Subsequently, we advertise our recently launched Led Lights in the most suitable platforms, social networks or promotion channels.

Every year, we attend international trade shows in order to give everyone the opportunity of getting acquainted, on spot, with our brand-new innovations and creative film lighting solutions.

We will keep you updated on the best efforts LedsFilm family has to offer, while looking forward to meeting you in the near future. Therefore, feel free to email us right away or visit us in the next fair!

LedsFilm… Leds, Camera, Action!