LED Soft Box 2000w

1. Introduction

Hello everyone, today we are going to show you our LED Soft Box Revolt. This super compact panel is the brightest filming light in the market, reaching up to 2000 Watt.

2. CRI

This LED Soft Box, like all of our products, has CRI 95+, which means that the objects and actors will be portrayed under very natural and vivid colors, as if they were enveloped by  sunlight. On top of that, our CRI 95+ has a green spike-free spectrum and a great R9 value, which is very suitable for cameras.

3. Structure

The structure is extremely compact and light. For a 2000 Watt, the dimensions are 1 meter x  65 cm, with the panel weighting only 30 kg.

4. Light Efficiency

Thanks to our large experience in the lighting field, we are able to produce the brightest lights of the filming industry, as they are over 150 lm/W.


5. Power

We have products ranging from 100 Watt to 2000 Watt. The 2000W fixture is equivalent to a 8000W HMI or a 16000W Tungsten.

6. Energy Saving

Because this soft box panel uses LED technology the energy savings are huge, as less power is needed to produce the same amount of light.

7. Dimming and Color Changing

This fixture can be dimmed and the color can be changed, adapting it to every shooting situation. It’s very easy to change the light’s color temperature, by rotating these regulating buttons which are installed on the back side.

The light’s intensity ranges from 0% to 100% and the color temperature from 2700K to 7500K.

We also have the option to include a wireless or standard DMX controlling receptor system.

8. Under Water

Another key factor of this unit, is that it has underwater protection, so it is suitable for every kind of environment and doesn’t matter if there is an unexpected storm during the shooting. The panel withstands unfavourable weather conditions like no other.

9. Better Visual Effect

The Revolt Softbox reproduces an amazing lighting contrast, generating a better balance between  the luminance that makes an object, or its representation as an image, distinguishable. The contrast sensitivity and luminance level are optimized for camera.

10. Flickering rate < 0.2%

We also have tested our lights with extreme high speed photography, in 3 different laboratories and at 5000 frames/second. The results were very optimistic, below 0.2% flickering rate.

11. When can the Panel Revolt be used?

  • Scenes that require diffused lighting, with high levels of brightness
  • Window-light situations
  • Because of its low weight and easiness to carry around, Revolt is ideal for shootings that demand constant mobility from place to place
  • Large scale shooting projects, since Revolt 2000w has a low power consumption (runs on 2100w) and doesn’t require generators